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The Transport Base is a single tile supplement for for Neuroshima Hex!. It was given away, with rules only in Polish, to participants at a Neuroshima Hex tournaments. This is a unique tile and the only way to obtain it is to participate in tournaments.

The Transport Base belongs to every army at the same time and is treated by every player as their own: it doesn't block the line of fire, it can be moved by an own Move tile, own Modules can be connected to it, it cannot be damaged (except with Bomb, which is also damaging own units), it cannot be pushed away, netted, taken over etc.
If it gets destroyed, the it is removed from the game.
It is placed on the board at the beginning of the game - at the beginning of the game, before placing HQs, this tile is placed on any hex on the board except edge hexes and the center of the map.
Transport Base is a module common for every player. Every unit connected with Transport Base can make an additional move and/or turn in identical way as it would have a Mobility ability. Unit can even make such a move, after which it would not be adjecent to Transport Base. Transport Base cannot move itself.

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édition 2014

Ce jeu a été ajouté en base le 26 avr. 2016


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