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A 1-tile mini-expansion for Neuroshima Hex! The tile is treated by each player as their own tile - it does not block the line of fire, it can be moved by a Move tile, can be connected to Modules etc. By sacrificing one HP of their own HQ, a player can trigger the Night Hunter's special attack against a neighboring enemy tile.

Perfect hunter. It appers, inflicts death and disappears into the darkness. It avoids light. Nobody knows who it really is. Nobody knows how it looks like. Nobody can face him.
Common tile - it belongs to every army at the same time and is treated by every player as their own: it doesn't block the line of fire, it can be moved by an own Move tile, own Modules can be connected to it, it cannot be damaged (except with Bomb, which is also damaging own units), it cannot be pushed away, netted, taken over etc.
If it gets destroyed, Night Hunter is removed from the game.
Placed on the board at the beginning of the game - at the beginning of the game, before placing HQs, this tile is placed on any hex on the board except edge hexes and the center of the map.
Devour - A player can trigger a Night Hunter's special attack at the cost of 1 Toughness point of HQ to destroy a tile adjecent to Night Hunter indicated by the the Devour icon (it can also be an own tile of the player who triggered Night Hunter's attack).
Devour does no harm to HQs.
Night Hunter does not attack during normal Battle.
Mobility - A player, during his turn, may move Night Hunter by 2 fields and turn him freely. However player can move Night Hunter by one field and turn him freely, then activate Devour (at the cost of 1 wound to his HQ) and then move Night Hunter by the second field and turn him freely.


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