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Règles en français Half pint heroes
Dernier message kalasandji
le 18 déc. 2018 à 15:49


Jeu mélangeant habilement l'esprit du Texas Hold'em et du jeu de plis à paris.

Game summery

Half-Pint Heroes is a fun trick-taking style game, but with no trumps. Instead, you play out poker-like card combinations and try to predict how many tricks both you and your opponents will win each round. Players earn points both for winning tricks, and for making correct predictions. Additionally, two special features provide for a lot of extra excitement and table talk: brawls and gun fights! A brawl breaks out when a player wins three tricks in a row, winning the round immediately. A gun fight is when a player manages to make correct predictions five rounds in a row. When this happens, all the other players are forced to work together to make sure they don't succeed one more time - otherwise the player wins the whole game immediately.


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